Our purpose is to represent and promote the interests of the Belgian REIT sector.

Who are we?

The BE-REIT Association is a professional association established as a non-profit organization under Belgian law (asbl/vzw). Its members are all companies that have the status of a Regulated Real Estate Company (Société Immobilière Réglementée or SIR/Gereglementeerde VastgoedVennootschap or GVV), also known as BE-REIT.

BE-REIT Association in a nutshell

BE-REIT Association – Presentation

What do we do?

The BE-REIT Association provides a forum for developing and supporting all global initiatives of importance to the BE-REIT sector, such as the representation and promotion of its interests in all areas regarding their sector, the collection of knowledge and relevant industry information as well as training. As part of its mission, the association will interact with public institutions, professional associations and other players of the real estate sector at the local, regional, federal and international levels.

What is a GVV/SIR?

A GVV/SIR is an exchange-listed operational real estate company that is specialised in making immovable goods available to users and meets the statutory conditions set out in the GVV/SIR legislation.

GVVs/SIRs are considered a reliable, defensive investment with a proven track record in terms of ROI.

GVV/SIR characteristics

Up to 20%
can be invested in a single building.
Minimum 30%
Free Float
Maximum 65%
gearing ratio
Minimum 80%
payout ratio

Belgian REIT regime

The BE-REIT status offers a liquid and diversified investment alternative to direct real estate that reflects the return profile of a direct real estate investment. Comparable REIT regimes already exist in numerous
European countries (France, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, etc.) and others worldwide (US, etc.).

Members of the board

Laurent Carlier


Tel: +32 (0)2 679 38 60

Cédric Biquet


Tel: +32 (0)2 732 19 00

Mickaël Van den Hauwe


Tel: +32 (0)52 338 400


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Activity report 2018 of the BE-REIT Association

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